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Date: September 12, 2021
Region: 2021 TX Shootout
Tournament: 2021 TX Shootout
Tournament Trail: 2021 TX Shootout
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Keith Combs and Shaine Campbell win $60,000 with 3 fish weighing 19.90 lbs. at the 7th annual Techron TX Shootout on Rayburn. ($10,000 Skeeter Bonus)
By: Bass Champs Staff

It was a push for pounds at the 7th annual Techron TX Shootout presented by Bass Champs on Sam Rayburn Sunday, September 12th, 2021. Push came to shove as 350 competitors did not disappoint at the scales. $50,000 was guaranteed to the 1st place team and over $100,000 was paid out overall. The event was originally scheduled for June 28th but had to be postponed due to high water conditions on Rayburn. With the water temps in the 90’s Bass Champs made the decision to move to a three fish limit for conservation purposes. In the end Keith Combs and Shaine Campbell hit the jackpot with their 3 fish limit to win $60,000. The team won the guaranteed $50,000 and an additional $10,000 for fishing out of a qualified Skeeter Boat.

The morning started out perfect with temperatures in the low 70’s and although they climbed into the upper 80’s it remained cloudy and breezy. When it is hot like this, taking care of the fish in live wells becomes a major part of the job out on the lake. As an incentive to take great care of the fish caught, any fish brought in that is dead gives the team a ½ pound penalty per deceased fish. Considering how tight the weights were, that can make a big difference in the standings. Also, with his many teams participating, Bass Champs offered a ‘Zero’ bonus. Chad Potts explained “When you have this many teams catching that many fish in temperatures like this, it puts a lot of fish in a position to undergo a lot of extra duress going through the weigh in process. We developed this conservation bonus to do two things. (A) Cut down the number of bass being weighed in, getting released back into the lake a lot quicker, and (B) Give more teams who would not have won a check in the regular payout a chance to win for participating in this conservation effort.” A $500 check was given out as a draw prize to incentivize anglers who didn’t have a great day on the lake to release their fish before coming to weigh in. Kord Hudkins and Max Hudkins won that drawing.

Although fishing has been tough on Sam Rayburn lately, it did not disappoint for many teams. There were 64 three fish bags weighed in over ten pounds with an overall average weight of 3.90 lbs. There were also two fish over 10 lbs. weighed in during the event. The teams of Steve Wright and Ronald Risenhoover weighed in a 10.12 and eventual Big Bass winners Randy Despino and Kevin Lasyone weighed in a 10.34. That fish helped them win over $2200 for 10th place, big bass, and the Techron Big Bass Bonus cash.

The winners of the event, Combs and Campbell weighed in about the mid-way point with 19.90 lbs. and held on for the remainder of the weigh in for a $60,000 pay day. The team focused on water between 8-12 ft deep throwing Jigs and crankbaits. Keith Combs stated, “Our focus coming into this event was to try and get one big bite. Shaine found a good school of fish during practice and we were hopeful that we could put together a good bag.” Combs continued, “We only caught about 10 keepers today, it was a grind, but fortunately we were able to catch 3 solid fish”.

The second place team of Todd Driscoll and Shawn Malone had 19.54 and took home $7500. Driscoll stated, “We fished clean, we covered a ton of water, we did all we could do and had a great day. You pretty much have to have a career day to win one of these events and we did have a perfect day we just came up about a ½ pound short. Hats off to the winners, it’s a big accomplishment to win a tournament like this.” Driscoll continued, “We fished deep all day throwing big Texas rigged worms. We shot for the fences and we just came up a little short this time. We’re looking forward to the next one though.”
The third place team of TJ Goodwyn and Philip Crelia weighed in 18.40 lbs. and took home $5000 for their efforts. The team focused on very shallow water throwing frogs in 2-3 foot and covered a lot of water as well.

The 5th place team of Jason Truitt and Warren Kepke weighed in 16.87 lbs. and took home over $7500 including the James Wood Motors bonus for being the highest finisher who has purchased a qualified vehicle from the official auto dealer of Bass Champs.

The rest of the top 10 line up was tight with only ounces of separation:
4th $3,000 18.19 lbs. Steve Wright & Ronald Risenhoover
5th $7,500 16.87 lbs. Jason Truitt & Warren Kepke
6th $2,000 16.56 lbs. Jared Dean & Ben Vaughan
7th $1,500 16.42 lbs. Rusty Clark & Cory Rambo
8th $1,200 16.36 lbs. Brian Schott & Sam Watson
9th $1,100 16.26 lbs. Ray Beck & Lindy Hadley
10th $2,290 16.24 lbs. Randy Despino & Kevin Lasyone (Big Bass Winners)

Techron has been the premier sponsor for this annual event for the last five years. Chad Potts, President of Bass Champs stated, “Techron is the perfect title sponsor of this event. They have products that every one of our anglers can use in their boats, trucks, tractors and all of their smaller equipment like atv’s, utv’s, mowers, etc. The Techron brand has become a staple at Bass Champs events and our anglers are very loyal to their products. It’s been a very successful partnership over the years, and we look forward to many more.”

For more information about how Techron can increase the life of all of your vehicles and equipment visit http://www.techron.com

For full results from the Techron TX Shootout go to www.BassChamps.com

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